every day

。。。drinking every day every night.

Today, I drink in KURUME kihachi with my company's trader.  I think I should be drinking every day every night.  So I don't have studytime.  Bad I'll be happy because hearing another thinking, and I tell a message for there.   

Faaaaa    I want to sleeping now。。。 Good night my brother and Sometimes send me your comment。。。 bye bye see you tommorow.


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To get the comment, the blog is not written.
There is a comment in your extension in daily life.
When the comment is requested, it doesn't become it. It is the same as
a democratic company of the sales principle.

Excuse me for shooting my mouth off. It's nice of you to say that. Thank you for trying。。。And I'd like to drink with you soon. I'll inform you of it later, when I go to FUKUOKA city. bye!